My Love, My Biscuit

This is it. My extremely generous mother-in-law bought this for me a few weeks ago. I had been borrowing hers for a few weeks to make my bread. See, I used to be an elitist bread maker; only kneading bread by hand. Then I got a taste of the Kitchen Aid kool aid and haven’t turned back since.

So I was borrowing Terre’s every week to turn out 4 loaves of bread. Then one day she surprised me with one of my own. And it happens to be in my favorite color (purple/boysenberry). Isn’t it beautiful?

So I’ve made more loaves of bread than I can count and the birthday cupcakes. Zach has whipped out some terrific chocolate cookies as well. It’s terrific. I’m actually not sure how I ever lived without it.

Thank you, Terre! Have I mentioned how much I love Zach’s family?

I call it my biscuit.

Because I love biscuits.

And I love it.

7 thoughts on “My Love, My Biscuit

  1. What a nice gift! I love my kitchen aid mixer! Nick’s brother got us one for Christmas. I have never made bread though, I may need your recipe! Happy baking 🙂

  2. That is a nice looking machine! Do you make the bread you guys eat for toast and sammies and what not? Patrick keeps talking about it – he wants to do it all. I swear soon he’ll have chickens and a cow in the yard!

  3. Very nice! I knew they came in lots of colors, but I didn’t know purple was one of them. I actually have two Kitchen Aids. I suppose I should feel guilty about that, but I just can’t. They rock!

  4. I always make my bread by hand too. There has always been something special to me about doing it that way. However, your little kitchen aid mixer looks lovely! How many loaves can you mix up in it at once? I may have to think about getting one myself!

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