Photo Shoot

My amazing, most wonderful husband bought me a camera for our anniversary. The one I used was from the early 2000s (the horror!) and Zach said I could no longer use the camp camera. I thought I would have to wait forever awhile before Zach saw a new camera as a “need” as much as I did. But he loves me and knows how much I love taking pictures of the kids and crossing out words in blogger, apparently, I’m obsessed.

So while I was cooking and he was grilling Zach had time to snap a few of our beauties.

The whole crew. We love this picture because this is them right before we yell at them ask them to say “cheese”. Seriously, you can see their personalities shining through in this one.

Commence to the close ups.

And you thought you had the cutest kids in the world. Pphhhh

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