Some Ethiopians in Iowa

Today the kids and I took a little road trip to the great city of Waterloo, Iowa to meet with a few fellow Ethiopian adoptive families.

Tamara arranged it (thank you sweet Tamara) which is never an easy task.

Anyway, Tomas and Binyam loved seeing a few familiar faces (both Ethiopian and American) and I loved meeting new mamas who have that same crazy look in their eyes as I do. (What is that look anyway? Lunacy? Sleep deprivation? What?)

But one of my oldest friends just told me the other day she likes my posts with pictures more than words (this girl has loved me since the 2nd grade, if she hates when I “talk” then you all can’t possibly like it either) so here you go, Pit. The pictures.

This one had the ladies eating out of his hand (and by that I mean carrying him around). And really how could he not?

Take a look at that last picture. Had to zoom in on Tariku’s cuteness and the impromptu kiss little Bini gave his big sister. Yes, I do so love them.

Lots of fun, let’s do it again next week! And if you’re an Iowan family (or close enough) interested in our little outings, leave a comment or email me and we’ll get you in on the fun. It’s like the babysitters club but cooler.

11 thoughts on “Some Ethiopians in Iowa

  1. I am jealous on so many levels right now. Jealous that you got to see my good pal & travel buddy, Tamara & her sweet Judah. Jealous that she got to meet you and see your boys! Maybe I should move to Iowa. Oh, but for the winters.

  2. Looks like everyone had a great time!!!!! I hope we can make it to the next one. We had a blast in FARGO celebrating my Gparents 60th anniversary, though. I can't wait to meet everyone!!!!

  3. It was so great to meet everyone!! I was so refreshed and encouraged leaving. Thanks for your advice and oh my, your kids are so beautiful. All 5! Carson hasn't stopped talking about Thomas. Fast friends… 🙂

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