Free At Last

He’s free, he’s free! Binyam has no more casts. This is a very big deal, because he’s had them too much already in his very short life.

I need to tell you this. I’m a pretty happy person, very little can get me down. But no sun shines brighter than the one that shines on Binyam. He has carried himself throughout the last months in a way I could never have hoped for. There is a light that shines in this one’s inside that beams to his outside. I mean, seriously, look at him before.

I could tell he was a little nervous. With good reason, obviously, as the last cast removal was pretty intense. Intensity with his daddy.

Mmmk maybe we were all a bit nervous.

Our first sight of those precious, precious feet.

Socks on for the first time in 2 months! And we’re over the moon about it.

Have I mentioned how much I love him? And isn’t it obvious?

When we got home we decided a good soak on his feet was long overdue. We knew this because in the short time it took to get home in the car, there was a good pile of dead skin on his seat. 2 months of that just hanging on him, can you imagine how badly that itched?

Taking the strips off and scrubbing (gently) the layers of dead skin off his tiny little legs.

Binyam wanted a little trip to show aunts Kara and Lindsey and uncle Marcus his “new, little feet”. Dailah took advantage of her nearness to baby Adley and cuddled with her for many, many minutes.

A close up of the cleaner feet and scars. They still turn in a bit but he was fitted today for special shoes. The doctor described them as “tight shoes that look like they’re on the wrong feet”. (Quick 30 Rock reference, “I just learned about ‘air quotes'”). Either way, the doctor seemed quite pleased with the results!

No video yet, he is still walking gingerly on his feet and likes to hold on to his mama and his Dailah’s hands. I’m not one to turn him down.

Stay tuned for the live video coverage on his tremendous beauty and supernatural talents.

8 thoughts on “Free At Last

  1. Aw, congratulations to Binny!! Funny little side note – my sister had to wear orthopedic shoes as a toddler, like the ones you described. For years, every time my great-grandma saw us, she would yell at my mother and say, "You put the baby's shoes on the wrong feet again!" hahaha!

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