iPhone Friday

Pics lately. I have every intention of getting back to the blog but it turns out I’ve neglected many things in the wake of the water party. Laundry? Been doing it for days. Cooking? What cooking? Excited to get back on the wagon but finding it’s easier taking baby steps. And by baby steps I mean catching up on DVR.

No joke Mitigu walks around like this on Zach’s shoulder. He’s not only the baby whisperer, turns out he’s the cat whisperer too.

Speaking of cats…Miti was great help during Water event planning.

How much do you love the new hat?

The cheering squad for the big boys’s basketball games.

We celebrated my beautiful niece’s 1st birthday. Love her so much.

Meet “Ron Weasley” Trysten’s new fish. His teacher wrote a note home “We have a few aggressive goldfish that keep eating my other small fish. Please let me know if you would be willing to take one or more off my hands.” I wrote back, “Sure I guess we’ll take 1.” Tman is totally responsible for him so I’m just praying the little guy lives for a long time in goldfish years lest his blood be on my eldest’s hands.

This coat is so cute. I mean, really, she looks like a dessert.

Did I mention it’s almost Christmas music season? If you’re cheap someone like me you rent CDs at the library and listen to them before buying them. What if they suck? I can’t waste money like that. Yippeee! Just a few weeks and I can unleash the power of the Christmas tune.

4 thoughts on “iPhone Friday

  1. Glad I was able to see the hat in person. Love Ron Weasley. And the coat? Oh just too cute! Have a good weekend. I am supposed to be doing laundry/cleaning/baking. Time to to turn the computer off! Love to you.

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