First Snowfall

I’ve always been one of those mommies who loves being a part of my kids’ firsts. With Tariku it’s especially exciting because his firsts are when he’s old enough to really react and enjoy (thus making it more fun for mommy). Today it was snow.

My day to wake up and I hear on Dailah’s monitor (she’s taken a liking since we left to just walk right into the boys’ room when she wakes up) Tariku screaming “It’s snowing! It’s a snow day!”

So I go downstairs, excited to see his reaction to the flakes and it was worth it. He burst out of his room when he heard me making coffee (hey, I have priorities) and yelled, “Mom come see this, you need to, you need to see this RIGHT NOW!”. So we looked out the boys’ room and watched it for awhile. It was just awesome.

When we were getting into the car, Tariku said, “Mom, I decided, I love snow.”

So after naps we had him really check it out. And this is what we got with all three of them.

So rare that we capture this kid’s loving personality, I think Zach got it here.

Tariku and his best friend, Abe.

How much do you love this picture and this kid? He said, “Mom, there was no snow in Ethiopia!” As he came in and was derobing all his snow equipment, he said, “Mom I never knew snow was so cold!”

And how I like playing in the snow.

Doozie was out for approximately 2 minutes, but it was a really cute 2 minutes.

Trysten dedicated his time to snowman making, it ended up perfect. With a head, carrot and arms.

Is there anything more infections than kids’ laughter? Me thinks no.

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