Money and Interviews

With great excitement I announce we FINALLY received our earnest money last night. For those that don’t know, two years ago we put an offer on a house that we (obviously) did not move into. The owners were what one might call “shady” and took us round and round for months. This led to us having to “rent” the house we owned from the people who had bought it just so we could continue waiting for our closing date on that house. Well, we finally decided we didn’t want to do business with them so we found the house we are now currently residing in (until July 27th, that is). It was a blessing, as this house truly is a dream house. However, these “shady” folks quickly turned into a bigger problem and announced they were going to be suing us. Good thing we had all this documentation of their shadiness because it didn’t happen with all of the evidence stacked against them. Nevertheless, they would not release our earnest money. Judging by their his and hers convertibles in their garage, we definitely needed the money more than they but they were still death gripping it. UNTIL last night. Woohoo! So this was exciting news indeed!

Then this morning my sister-in-law, Leslie, called to let us know my bro-in-law, Jake, got an interview with the Davenport School District. This means that my 3-yr-old dream could come true! They, with my nephews, could be moving closer to us in the very near future. What a great Wednesday indeed!

So that is my news. Oh, and I didn’t end up taking Dailah to the doc. All the praying must’ve worked because there was no upchucking last night so that was awful nice. Now if only that would stay and we could get our official invite to PAC in July I would be one happy woman. They said they don’t send out official invites until 3 weeks beforehand, but come on already!

Oh yeah, and they’re putting the new flooring in the camp house. Yeehaw baby doggies! Hope humpday is this good for everyone!

I LOVE hearing from you!

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