I’m Exhaustapated

The title (in case you were interested) comes from one of my cousins when he was about 5-years-old (he’s now 16, jeesch). Anyway, my other cousin and I were playing with him, having him run around, etc. He finally stops, fed up with us ordering around and states, “I’m exhaustapated”. Well, I feel like my dear cousin Wardie Paul today.

Firstly, don’t get excited about tomorrow. The contractors said they couldn’t start until Tuesday…and so it begins. Anyhow, we moved more stuff downstairs. I’m going to take some pictures so you can see how ridiculous the house looks right now. Mostly because of how much stuff we have crammed into such tight quarters. All signs point to having to move our other set of couches up to Zach’s office because it just won’t fit.

It was kind of a wake up call, if I must say. Today’s message at church was “where your stuff is, there too is your heart” in a nutshell. Well, it appears our hearts have been in stuff for quite some time the way we’ve hoarded it. When I was in the corporate world I’d constantly complain that I never had anything to wear. Today I was putting my dress clothes in bins so I could make room in Dailah’s closet for the stuff I wear on a daily basis. I filled 2 HUGE bins. I looked up at the closet and it’s literally exploding with clothes, not to mention I have 2 other HUGE bins filled with workout clothes and sweaters. Wowsa. My mind hurts, my heart hurts and my fingers hurt.

Regardless of what I’ve learned today it’s ended on a positive…we moved both kids into the same room so we could have a room to ourselves. Right now I hear them giggling themselves to sleep. Music to my exhaustapated ears.

I LOVE hearing from you!

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