Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love Ya, Tomorrow

Or at least I hope I like you a little more than today. Not that today was all bad, but certainly would not make my Top 10 in the “Best Days” category.

It started with Dailah waking up feeling a bit warm. I decided I’d go to church while Zach stayed home with the kids. So I took the car down our looong drive and immediately noticed it was slippery. No sooner had I noticed than it turned sideways and proceeded to head into the ditch. So there I was, stuck. Freezing rain coming down. I walked back up to the house to get Zach. He decided to get the camp truck to pull the Pilot out of the ditch. We loaded up. When we got near the Pilot, the truck decided it had the same fate and smashed into the Pilot. We ended up (after lots of maneuvering from the hubs, he’s a genius when it comes to those kinds of things) getting the truck unlodged from my beautiful car but also managed to get the truck stuck a few feet in the same ditch. We did our walk of shame, carless, back to the house.

Dailah’s fever hasn’t subsided, my butt hurts from sitting down all day rocking her, and reading and cramming into our rooms. Trysten and I jumped at the chance to fetch the beer and root beer from the lodge. Mine, admittedly, was the anticipation of a cold one hitting the bloodstream while Trysten’s had more to do with fresh air and a good it-won’t-get-me-in-timeout scream at the top of his lungs.

So what was good about today? I got to sleep in a bit. Trysten took a 3 hour nap. I heard from Tony, of the “Julie and Tonys” about their trip to Ethiopia which made me ever more excited about ours. What else? My mom and dad brought Valentine’s Day goodies for the kids that included mini Butterfingers. Those butterfingers and the aforementioned brewskis, teamed up with a family that is bliss even in the worst of days, made me hoping for a better ‘morrow but somehow thankful for today.

I LOVE hearing from you!

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