MLK Junior

Little known fact about hotflawedmama. In 6th grade my class put on a wax museum. I chose to be Martin Luther King, Junior. It seemed perfectly natural to me at the time. We had learned about him, he was totally inspirational to me, so I wanted to “play” him in a wax museum.

I was in a teeny, tiny, town where there was a single minority. That’s it, just one (and he happened to be my boyfriend…hey Mike Breneman!). So I put on the makeup (yeah I know, seemed right at the time) and gave his speech.

I think I’ve been fascinated with him since. As I’ve grown older and been able to read his material and listen to his speeches with different eyes and different ears, it’s become an even bigger deal in my life. To picture what his dream meant at the time and to picture someone on national television discussing what was thought to be impossible is amazing to me.

It’s like when I wrote about wanting to get everyone in the world clean water. It’s like that but bigger. And to think we waited so long for even a portion of it to come true. I know there is still quite a ways to go. Anyone who has been to the southside of Chicago (or any large city) and seen what’s happening there knows Martin’s whole dream has not been realized.

But I have no doubts I owe a HUGE portion of my blessed life to him. My little boy, my Tariku. I have no doubts this little boy would not be in my life if it weren’t for MLK, Jr. I hope I can continue to do my small part in helping America (and the world) realize the full dream but until then, I am just so, so thankful.


Today was quite the day for the kiddos (and mommy). We were able (compliments of Papa Frank) to go to Disney on Ice. It was enjoyable…people on skates putting themselves in awkward positions has always been entertaining for this gal.

After which we ate ice cream while watching the snow get dumped from the sky. All of this took so long nap times were negated. Though I feared the worst, the kids were quite good right up until (early) bedtime.

The highlight of the night came when I was cooking. Trysten (who is not feeling well again) took his shirt off because he was hot. Younger sibs followed suit. Then they proceeded to practice their best ice skating moves. Not to be outdone, I showed them how I can do a triple spin on our kitchen floor. Almost pulled a groin but their oohs and awwws were well worth it. Love these crazy kids. (And yes, Trysten eats…I have no idea where he gets the frame that could fit behind a baby tree).


Yesterday was our re-launch for 2 of the classes I teach. It was soo much fun. 45 people all working out and moving and loving it. It was just awesome. Seriously, seriously awesome. I love staying at home with the kids but I’m quite positive if I didn’t have these classes to take up a few hours of my week I’d go stark crazy.

Plus they are the best fitness classes in the world. And getting to watch my husband lift weights front and center wasn’t a bad perk either.

Emily and hotflawedmama teaching a bit of Bodystep.

The group.

The group second shot.

And the 4 of us. Katrina, myself, Jen and Emily. Thems some pretty tough gals.


Hair has been the subject of choice over here at hotflawedmama. Take for instance last night.

I was brushing my teeth, just discussing with my loving husband the few small differences I’ve started noticing in my face. Then I see this:

That, my friends, is my first gray hair (or, rather, gray root). I wasn’t freaking out so much as I was incredulous. I’m still so young, I’m wondering why no one told my hair or my breasts that. They’ve forgotten that memo.

And then Tariku. His hair was getting so long. He cried pretty much every time I even reached towards a comb. At first I was going to have someone cornrow it or something…then I saw the price for that and got sticker shock. So we cut it. He looks like a little man, he really does. He also looks like the pictures we would get from Ethiopia. Brings back good memories but it just baffles me how much more I know the little boy from these pics as opposed to that earlier version.

But seriously, look at those eyes!

Recently Heard at Hotflawedmama

We’re in the midst of potty training season with Ms. Doozie which is perhaps my least favorite thing of motherhood. The only reason I like it is because there is no shortage of hilarity when it comes to bathroom humor over here. Here’s the latest.

hotflawedmama: Dailah go sit on the potty before lunch.

Trysten: I have to go too.

Dailah watches Trysten as he goes #1. He finishes his business and then goes to sit down. I look in and see Dailah assuming the male stance.

hotflawedmama: Dailah, you have to sit down to go peepee like mommy.

Trysten: Yeah she can’t stand up to go potty because she’s a girl.

hotflawedmama: That’s right, girls sit down, boys stand up.

Trysten: That’s right because girls have jaws.

hotflawedmama: I think the word you’re looking for is “vagina”.

Trysten: Yeah, that’s it.


7 Things

Adam tagged me on the 7 things about me blog. Hadn’t done it for awhile so I thought, why not?

1) I love the TV Shows: Scrubs, The Biggest Loser and American Idol. I’m in quite the predicament right now seeings they’re all on at the same time.

2) I HATE scary movies. I saw the Exorcist when I was in 8th grade and had nightmares for a few days. Haven’t seen one since. No thank you. I value sleep way too much for that kind of craziness.

3) I have freckles. When I’m out in the sun for any amount of time more than 5 minutes, they come out in full force.

4) When I asked my hubby what I should write for the “7 things you don’t know about me blog” he said, “You should write about me more.” I’m not sure how that fits here but it does because you didn’t know that.

5) My hair grows fast. I would say at the rate of 1 inch per month. Which is why I get my hair cut at a local cosmetology school for $7. If they mess it up, it’ll just grow back.

6) My husband also said to mention that when I met him he hated reading. He’s presently reading the autobiography of Nelson Mandela which is somewhere around 650 pages. Sometimes I have a positive affect on people.

8) The combined weight of my dogs doubles my weight. I don’t know if that’s the interesting fact or the if it’s that I’m not remotely scared of those HUGE babies.

I tag anyone who wants to do this because I love reading these kinds of blogs.

Ganna Pictures

Since so many of you were begging me (oh, ok just Leslie) for pictures, I suppose I better show them. Only problem is that I didn’t take too many. My mom, sister and I were cooking for about 4 hours straight (with Zach coming in to save the day with the pizza) so there was no time for crazy camera antics. That also means there was no game playing (plus it snowed something like 4 inches) and no music (what? no music!). From the time we just started to dapple in the kitchen until all 13 people were in the kitchen waiting for the food and sampling the cookies, there was just no time.

And it was so much fun. Tariku could tell something was different. He kept asking when the doro wot was going to be done and was obviously excited to introduce his guests to his favorite of foods.

I didn’t get any pictures of the food and fellowship for the first few hours but did snap a few of our guests.

But it started with this: my dad taking a nap. He’s under there somewhere, he found it a bit cold in our house.

Then we have our youngest Ganna celebrator, Ms. Cates Asleson with mommy Becky. Two of the cutest/prettiest people I know.

Doozie and my brother, Marcus.

Papa Frank playing the Wii (which was played for hours after celebrations). Can’t be sure, but I have to think the wise men played Wii after Christ’s birth as well. I’m not sure anything but the Wii could’ve entertained everyone for as long as it did. Good times, good times.

My dad and brother-in-law, Frank/Batman.

My mom, mom-in-law, father-in-law and love of my life-hubby.

Lindsey and hotflawedmama. Sometimes the hugeness of my head surprises even me.

Dailah helping my sister get her hat on.

The boys, serious cuteness.

And the family in our attire. It was past bedtimes so there was a squirrley factor we couldn’t get past but not bad for our inaugural Ganna family pic!

At the end of the night I snuggled Tariku and was saying “thank you for being you and bringing all of this cool stuff into our home, etc.” He said, “This was all for me?” I said, “All for you babe.” He had the biggest smile, giggled and then turned over to sleep. He is just the sweetest guy in the world.

Better and Budgets

I’m feeling much better, thanks for the terrific comments! Thankfully it went as quickly as it came and I truly hope it stops at me. I cleaned and sterilized the place to be sure.

And then budgets…tonight I went grocery shopping with my new shoestring budget. It was literally the first time EVER I went with a list, with cash, and with a calculator. Since I could only spend the cash, the calculator was necessary.

Happy to report I was $2 under.

So I bought a Butterfinger for $.88 to reward myself.

The Flu

Or something like it…

Got the yuckys.

Made one appearance outside today and then have been here mostly, on the couch. Which is awesome.

I’m rethinking my impulse to not get the flu vaccine today.

And honestly, is it even possible to be sick AND a stay-at-home mom?