Adoption Related Tidbits

– We received our i171H on Friday. Yippee! That means the US Government has okayed us to bring in two little boys from Ethiopia. This also means there is nothing standing in our way of travel except…

-Court. Tomorrow. It’s actually probably happening tonight as we sleep (IF we sleep). Maybe the case won’t be heard, maybe the people who need to show up won’t show up, maybe there will be missing paperwork, maybe, maybe, maybe. Somehow I’m incredibly calm about the whole thing. I’m chalking that up to God because Lord knows I’m not typically calm in these certain situations.

So if you could, pray for us and for the court. There are a lot of people from our agency who have court tomorrow and, of course, I’d love it if they all passed.

Remember that we probably won’t hear whether we passed or not for a few days. They typically wait until they have the actual paper saying you passed court before letting you know the outcome (which I appreciate because, if you’ll remember, our last agency told us we passed court with Tariku but we actually didn’t. Had they waited for the piece of paper it would’ve saved me a lot of stress…and lbs).

All this to say I had a good few weeks in there where I didn’t actually have to stalk my phone but we’ll be back to doing that for the rest of the week.

Good thing I have my brother’s impending nuptials to keep my mind off things.

To a successful court hearing! I want to be able to officially declare these boys Klipschs!

The Sale

Last night as I sat in my home, with *nothing* to do (except laundry, clean the house, give the kids a bath, figure out dinner, etc) I realized I had not watched TV since Tuesday and had not been on the computer since Wednesday.

That is huge for me.

I was trying to figure out how much time I spent on the garage sale but after logging over 24 hours in straight up sale-ing this weekend (up at 5:15 am, finishing at 5:30 pm) I figured I didn’t want to know because it just might depress me.

I do know, however, that I’m still exhausted. I took a 2 1/2 hour nap yesterday and went to bed at 9pm last night and yet I still feel like I have a good 10 hours of straight sleep in me.

But it was worth it, because…


That’s how much we made. It’s incredible! Literally I had hoped for $1000, assuming we’d make closer to $500. It was a great surprise.

We figure that’s one plane ticket to Ethiopia. When I texted Zach to tell him our good news (he was in the middle of my brother’s bachelor party “poor guy”) it said.

We made $1500 this weekend. $5500 more to go and we can pick up our boys!
Typically I am a very positive person, I promise. 🙂

God is so, so good people, I can’t begin to tell you. We had perfect weather despite all of last week receiving rain and freezing temps. I have family and friends who are so reliable, so loving, so helpful. And the people came out in droves, it was non stop. It was, in a word, fantastic.

I didn’t even have time to snap many pics but I did get some important ones.

We pimped out our kids a bit to pull at the heart strings. Turns out 1) most garage salers have no heart strings to speak of and 2) the kids got bored after about one hour and we were left explaining to people the cute table and chairs and cooler were not for sale. (But read the sign in the background that Trysten made, so precious).

Here is the side of the sign, can you see which person Trysten colored and which one Tariku colored? Classic. There were also pictures of 3T and B on the other side, but I can’t show them to you…yet.

This was the garage, we were still pulling stuff out and throwing on tables all day Friday despite working until 11pm Thursday night and waking up at 5:15 Friday morning.

This here is one side of my dear sister’s yard. The other side hosted hundreds of purses and hundreds of shoes, among many other things.

Gonna Get Through It

The garage sale, that is.

So much time, this thing! We have so much stuff. But it has to be done, because we need money to bring home our boys.

So tomorrow and Saturday 8-3 come out to visit us. 5105 Taylor St in Davenport.

My kids are going to be selling lemonade and cookies to help bring their brothers home.

I’m going to be drinking coffee (probably laced with a bit of Kahlua if I’m being honest) and selling all of my kids’ memories.

But my commune is back in action. Parents coming with a trailer to load all of our big stuff (beds, couches, weight bench, dressers, tables, Oh my!). Beth offering her able hands and organizational skills. My sister offering her garage, doesn’t end.

And by Sunday hopefully we’ll have a good start to our adoption travel expenses.

I wonder if everyone thinks their garage sale has the best stuff. I wonder if everyone has doubts that a single person will show up for their sale.

Maybe it’s just me.

Maybe I need to get out more.

See you tomorrow and Saturday!

World Aids Orphan Day. Mothers Day, etc

I have no idea what I’ve been doing the last week. All I know is, somehow I managed to not get on my computer much the last week and therefore have not been able to blog in that time.

I wanted to blog for World Aids Orphan Day, but I didn’t, so go here and listen to Erin. She’s amazing and says it better than I could anyway.

I wanted to blog about my dear friend, Beth, passing court. In 6-8 weeks she’ll meet Ethiopia and her sweet Lucia (and maybe, selfishly, T3 and B). I am so excited for her whole family.

I wanted to blog about having a wedding shower for my almost sister-in-law but there were too many little cookies to make, too many meat trays to pick up.

Then I wanted to write about mother’s day but I was enjoying it too much.

I wanted to write about how much I love being a mom but I couldn’t find the words. About how I pinch myself at the very thought of this being my life.

I wanted to write about this “job” of mothering my kids.

I wanted to write about the card my hubby got me that listed lots of reasons why I was a good mom (including, but not limited to, “You wash pee sheets” and “You wash sharted* undies”). *sharted, if you didn’t know, is when people thought they were farting and well, sh*t their pants. It’s a shart, and my boys do it from time to time.

I wanted to write about how when I was taking a shower my eldest slipped a note under the door, a note on mother’s day, that made me cry.

I wanted to write about the mom who I share this day with. This mom I think of every day. The mom who I share one of my kids with.

I wanted to write about my mom, this most amazing, loving, beautiful, tireless creature who inspires and supports beyond comprehension.

I also wanted to write about my mom-in-law. Funny, beautiful, loving, joyful, talented beyond comprehension.

I wanted to write about my grandma, my aunts, my sister-in-law, my friends, my fellow adoptive mommies and bloggers.

I wanted to write about the women who so long to be mommies but who find their arms empty this mother’s day. I wanted to tell them that it won’t always be that way, that I pray and hope for them every day to experience this wonderful world.

I wanted to write to the single moms who have my respect one hundred times over.

I wanted to write about moms around the world who have made the most difficult decisions. The “birth moms” who are so much more than that.

I wanted, perhaps most, to talk about my kids. The ones who made me “mom”.

But I was busy loving and laughing. I was busy enjoying this mom-ness. I was busy with these three. And busy dreaming about the other two.

Happy mother’s day to you!

A Little Secret

So I’ve always kind of wanted to live on a commune. Not those scarier versions where the “leader” makes you drink poison and things, I just love the idea of neighbors helping neighbors. So in my garden I would plant lettuce, carrots and peas and in your garden you would plant potatoes, onions and peppers. You would help feed my family, I would help feed yours. You need a new roof? Zach helps your husband and I watch your kids.

Love that idea.

Thankfully I have a few friends (and family) who, despite our geographical distance, enter into our commune and help our family. One such friend is Beth. This woman is just a better person in ever single aspect than I am, but she’s so dang sweet I can’t help but love her for it.

So I’m doing this garage sale to help raise travel money. It is the bane of my existence. Eyes on the prize, though, I’m going to finish and add the probable $500 towards our plane tickets.

Anyhow, this little garage sale is taking up a tremendous amount of time. I had to miss our Wednesday play date last week to pull another “all day-er”. I get an email from Beth, “I need to help you, I hate imagining you under a pile of boxes. I’m coming over Monday to help.”

Who does that? Well apparently Beth does.

So last night she came over, I introduced her to “G and T’s” (Gin and Tonics) and we set (garage) sale-ing…for the next 3 hours. 3 hours of dusting off, tagging, throwing some things away (some things I just couldn’t force myself to put my claim on them), reorganizing, pushing, pulling, etc, etc.

No complaints from Beth. To top it off, she tried to PAY ME for a few things she took from the pile. This woman is out of her mind, clearly I should be paying her (and honestly, I would’ve bought new clothes for her little Lucia-who is waiting for her in Ethopia-anyway!)

So Beth, Beth is definitely in my commune and I hope she knows anytime she needs a head of lettuce or new tile for her bathroom floor, she can call us. Because that’s what we do in my imagined commune.

My Big Sister

it’s her birthday today. The 3-0 birthday.

I’m so proud of her. So proud she’s my sister. She’s beautiful, talented, smart (she’s a Pharmacist, need I say more?) a great auntie and a great sister.

A little low on patience but high on love. Slow to trust but super trustworthy.

When we were younger people always asked if we were twins. I remember pretending (in my head) that we were.

When I’d have nightmares I’d always climb into her (twin) bed, she’d hate it but let me stay there anyway.

When I get good news or bad news, she’s the second person I call (the first being Zach, of course).

There were some years in there that were touch and go between us-I chalk it up to teenage angst-but I never, ever stopped being her biggest advocate and her biggest fan.

Every time I think Dailah is ok without another girl in the family I think of my sister and how she is a rock when I need it most and knows me better than most people. I know Dailah can form those relationships with friends and future sister-in-laws but I do mourn for her a bit this most amazing relationship between sisters.

So happy birthday to my big sister. I love you so very much!


Just pictures (unless I get frisky and put some captions with them). It was a great time, a fantastic time. An amazing game and the company I was in, just doesn’t get any better.

Hotflawedmama, my future sister-in-law and her sister.

I LOVE this man. My heart bleeds for him.

My brothers future brother-in-law, Zach and my brother.

Marcus and Lindsey

Lindsey and Zach

We also found Zach’s sister Kait. Short time with her but it feels great to see her even then.