Because I just don’t tell you enough about myself…

Shonda (go to her blog, she has one of the most beautiful families I’ve ever seen) tagged me on this survey. I’ve been trying to figure out a blog post the past few days. Not that I don’t have unlimited funnies/crazies throughout the day to tell you but I always forget the next day. So here is something harmless, kind of fun. Enjoy.

1) What is your biggest pet peeve? Hmmm. I’m not actually sure on that. Perhaps my kids chewing with their mouths open? That ranks right up there with the biggest anyway.

2) If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why? Well this changes from time to time honestly. Right now it’d probably be Colorado because 2 people I love are there (my husband, away on business and Jody who made the selfish decision to actually move there. 😉 ) Truth be told, though, I’m kind of one of those people who loves wherever they’re at in the moment. So right now I want to be right where I am because I have gathered all of my family around me like some freakish cult. And because I live a pretty darn good life.

3) Have you ever been searched by the cops? Well no, but admittedly I’ve probably come close. There are a few really funny stories that I would need to get release forms from the responsible parties before sharing here. Don’t let me sound cooler than I am, I was/am a “good girl”. Or, at the very least, a “bad girl” who was supremely cautious and careful and lucky to have never been caught. 😉

4) What is the one thing on your mind right now? My hubby. I just skyped with him (had to keep it PG, the kids were around, you know how it is). My life is infinitely more dull and boring without him. I swear I remember fall being the most colorful season around here but until he comes home, I’m firmly believing the sky is gray, the leaves are gray and all hope is gone from the world. 🙂

5) Favorite song right now? Again, this changes by the second. Anything by Ray Lamontagne. When I’m cleaning I’ve been known to go back in time to some classic Shedaisy (what happened to them?) When I want to jam out with the kids I turn XM to 90s on 9 and am bound to hear Ice Ice Baby. If someone were to take a peak into my ITunes selection they would swear it was owned by someone with multiple personalities…which is probably true on most days.

6) What talent do you wish you had? That would have to be singing-while-hitting-the-right-note. That would be amazeballs. My brother-in-law Jake can do some amazing shin slaps which would be kind of cool too. Overall I’m happy with the balance God gave me in life: ability to dance to anything-inability to sing. It all evens out.

7) Favorite drink? Boring…water. Though I do enjoy a good couple glasses of Merlot as well.

8) In one word how would you describe yourself? Yikes. I don’t do one word. If something can be said in one word, I’ll choose to say it in 10. Obviously. I digress, the word would probably be “blessed”. Because, isn’t it obvious? Amazing, hot husband. 5 hilarious, kind children. 2 dogs who presently need a bath but overall are pretty precious. Extended family who make the world a better place. Friends who love me regardless of my crazy antics. And above all of that, a God who still loves me despite being a severely flawed, disappointing human being.

Well that was fun.

Now I pick 8 people to do the same thing.

1) Rebekah – because she’s Rebekah and she says things like “we don’t allow ourselves the purity of love with them”. (Will explain later.)
2) Beth– because I miss her and she’s smart and beautiful and wonderful and an amazing baker.
3) Leslie– because she’s my sister and one of my very best friends.
4) Sarah– because her kids are beautiful, her words are beautiful and she gave me some life giving info on our boys before we could pick them up.
5) Cathy– because she always has funny things to say and she’s dealing with bronchitis and puke over in Colorado (she also might be the third reason I want to live there right now.)
6) Miss Effie– because she is smart, beautiful, generous, has hens that lay the most delicious eggs this side of the Mississippi and because she is proof to me that one voice can be mighty!
7) Jess– because she needs a reason to blog too. 🙂 And because I can’t wait to go visit her and #1 very soon!
8) Blueberry’s mama– because I will forever be indebted to her for something she did for our whole family. Oh, and she also happens to be smart, beautiful and the proud mama of some amazing individuals.

3 thoughts on “Because I just don’t tell you enough about myself…

  1. Wow – you pulled that phrase out easily. Did I say that? Lightbulb moment I guess. Let it filter down to my daily life, please:)Ok, I guess I have an agenda for tonight's laptop time!

  2. i always love reading more about you. and i wish you WOULD come to colorado and we could swap "close calls with the police" stories. i'll make sure to post my list soon!

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