World Water Day

I think I’ve been actively involved in 3 World Water Days. That is kind of incredible. That’s how long this crisis has been on my heart and in my fervent late night prayers.

This crisis is one we can solve in our lifetimes. Isn’t that amazing? I really think that is worth getting behind.

So here’s the deal. The Adventure Project is one of my absolute favorite organizations. If you haven’t heard of them you need to research them. They are where all of charity is heading and I love that about them. 2 really incredible minds are at the helm of this thing and it is completely inspiring (did I mention they are women too? Yeah, amazing women).

Today they are asking for donations on World Water Day. If they make it to $33,000 today they will get a $25,000 match. That is a huge impact on the water crisis. What better way to recognize this day then to put a dent in the problem?

Go here and donate. Seriously, if everyone who reads my blog donated $20 this thing would be done. So let’s do it!

Read some great stuff by co-founder Jody here.

And donate. Definitely donate.

I LOVE hearing from you!

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