No Words

Everything is going great. Tariku continues to impress us with his ability to be happy in pretty much all situations. It is quite obvious he’s used to having older sibling-like people in his life and he’s even taken quite a liking to being a big brother. Dailah has 2 big brothers doting on her every move. Yesterday they were outside, she kept kicking off her crocs and grunting for one of her brothers to come help. One of them inevitably would and then they would help her up the stairs and down the stairs. They’d brush her off if she fell. It’s getting kind of ridiculous. They even like playing with her, in the picture with her in all the cushions…yeah that’s from her brothers. You’d feel sorry for her stuck there if you didn’t know that she loved every minute of it and didn’t want them to let her out. 🙂 My heart is bursting with love! Check out these pics, kind of crazy. (Oh, and Bodystep went well, I am exhaustapated and sore today).

A Thought

I have lately had one vice…it’s called Southwestern Ranch dip from Tostitoes. It’s in the fridge, a forbidden fruit of sorts.

Why is it forbidden?

Because every time I get out the jar and it “pops” I have six little hands trying to reach in the bag of chips and dip into my vice.

How long until ALL of them will understand you should NEVER get between a woman and her vice?

BodySTEP and lovely.

Tomorrow is BodySTEP launch (anyone who is close enough to come, do it! Downtown Y at nooner, it’ll change your life!)

Anyway, I’ve been practicing all day today and we also braved the Y this morning. We put Tariku (and other kids) in the child watch as a trial run to see if he’d make it so I can get back to teaching classes (I’m going through workout withdrawls). He was in there for about an hour and he did great! Came running to me when I got back, etc. So that’s awesome. Things are going well.

And here are a few more pics to prove it. I love my life.

Do I Look…

Like a PTA mom? I sure hope so…because that’s who I’m going to be in just a few months.

It was Kindergarten round-up day. My baby boy all growed up and it’s just so hard to believe. I still remember those 3 hours of trying to push that big head out and then forgetting all about that when he looked at me. Awesomeness.

He did well…walked off flashing the peace sign as I choked back the tears and sat through a boring “chat” about what to expect from our kindergartner. Somehow during this boringness I got talked into not only joining the PTA but running for officer. All it took was the statistics on parents involved in their kids’ education doing much better than others (and I had a mom who was our high school guidance counselor, she knew if I laughed at something inappropriate in class before class was out…i’m a believer). So there you have it.

Everything else is going well. I’m not quite sure if I was prepared to deal with the fact that I love Tariku so much already. I was totally prepared for being a bit resistant to him but I’m not at all. It’s still hard for me to wrap my head around. 2 weeks ago I knew him just from pictures but he already feels like he’s been here forever (except for the fact that he sings in a language I don’t understand and I LOVE singing along with people).

With that said, here’s some pics of the people I love the mostest. A couple of the pics: we went on a hike through camp yesterday it was aweome, Tariku and Dailah got into my sister’s lip gloss, first trip to Target, first trip to doctor, who says Ethiopians don’t love dogs? and just love in general.

Poo Sampling

So today has been a test in motherhood and it’s only 7:40.

Yesterday we went to the doc and they gave us a poo sampling kit so we can test Tariku for giardia (I need no test, the paint on my bathroom walls is recoiling in fear when that kid enters the bathroom). I was thinking on my way home how there needs to be a service who will do the poo collecting for you, I hate that stuff. So I thought of a business idea. The company will be called Poo For You and the slogan will be, “We do poo so you don’t have to.” I think it’s brilliant. But until someone actually puts it into practice, I had to do it myself. 😦

6:30..”Mommy, caca.” Says my middle child. I rustle out of bed, knowing what’s in store for this momma when he utters “caca”. I get all the supplies ready, put the gloves on and mentally prepare myself for what’s to come.

6:35 2 dry heaves later and it’s done. Exit bathroom stage right and see vomit from woosha (dog). Proceed to “let” him outside. Clean up vomit.

6:37 Commence to kitchen to make breakfast for 3 hungry chitlins. See large pool of urine by the door. Look at Tariku, “Tariku, shinte?” (Tariku did you just piss on the floor?) Finger shakes from Tariku. (No)

So either my dog or my son peed on the floor. I’ll give Tariku leeway as it’s entirely possible he was sleep walking and dropped his pants where he thought was the toilet.

Better get to taking those poo samples to the poo market. Apparently it tests better when it’s fresh. Where oh where are the Poo For You people when I need them?

How Do You

say, “Stop urinating on the floor, point your penis in the toilet.” In Amharic?

I’m getting VERY sick of stepping in pee anytime I go to the bathroom. About two minutes ago I went to the bathroom and noticed no pee INSIDE the toilet but quite a bit on the seat, floor, rug and side of the bath. Seriously. And the kids’ bathroom smells like urine. Its been 4 days and my house smells like urine. Nice.

Any help on this would be great. 🙂 Oh, and if you speak Amharic and can tell me what to say that’d be great; but don’t tell me if my tattoo actually says “dumbass” instead of “grace”. Thanks in advance.

What Do You Get…

when you take a 3-year-old Ethiopian boy to his first urinal? Well you get a little boy pulling down his pants, taking his hand and putting it INTO the urinal and pulling out the TOILET BISCUIT. Then you get a daddy screaming and dry heaving, taking the aforementioned “biscuit” out of said son’s hands and Joe Namothing it back into the urinal. Then you get son and father scrubbing hands in sink and forgetting all about the need to shinte (pee).

When man and son return to table you get mommy laughing so hard she crys. And that, my friends, was us at Buffalo Wild Wings today. My life is one big comedy feature after another, I live for that.

Also, I got a new tattoo. (Sorry, mom and Uncle Vic). It’s pretty sweet and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. For those that don’t know (and I’m quite certain no one who can speak/write Amharic is reading this) my tattoo says, “Grace” in Amharic (the national language of Ethiopia). I’ve been wanting to get this tattoo for a long time now but I’d given myself awhile to make sure I really wanted it and then Zach made me wait awhile to make sure I really wanted it. So I perservered and am glad I did.

I’ve talked about grace a bit here but it really is how I get through life. God’s grace is unfathomable, unexplainable but so very amazing. I count on it minute by minute. So I got it tattooed on my wrist to remind me what that grace cost for Jesus. (It was a very constant reminder for the 15 minutes I was actually getting the tattoo as it hurt worse than my other 2 and I kept thinking that Jesus got NAILED in that general area, it freaked me out). Anywho, it also will be a constant reminder how I need to live life, treat other people and all of that. That’s a 2 second snap shot at what could be a 3 day conversation for me.

So here are some pics of the new tat. I did the second photo just for my sister, Kait, because when she got her tat done she did this sweet “emo” pose so I gave a good shot at my own. What do you think, Kait, emo enough for you? Can you feel all the emotions I was thinking at the time?

Where’s Waldo?

So I mentioned in one of my posts from Ethiopia how the Ethiopian people were generally astonished at how see through I was. In most of the pictures I look like a ghost, a phantom. Unfortunately I did not get the rest of my family’s nice darker complexion (as you see from the skivies post, neither did my son). Anyway, here are three pictures Zach and I like to call the “Where’s Waldo” series. Try to find me, I get smaller and smaller as the groups come to swarm the nice ferenjes (white people). I tried to bend down and talk to some of the kids but they were literally so freaked out by me they ran. I don’t blame them, I’d been crying all morning and then there’s that see through bit. After seeing how beautiful all of these kids are you can see how I developed a complex while there. I love a good dose of humility from time to time.

We’re On a Roll

Zach and I were able to go back to sleep this morning so that was nice. We woke up in time to make scrambled eggs, bacon and pancakes. I wish I could say we felt better after such a big breakfast but that would be lie; it’s almost sad how much we had to eat when someone we know quite well eats once a day at best. Anyway, off the soap box now. We were also able to get a shower and all kids ready to head to church today. Tariku and Trysten did very well (Dailah went in the child watch) so we were proud of that!

Here are some more pics, just because I’m on a roll. The kids are eating a cookie my mom brought to celebrate Tariku’s birthday (March 16), my brother Marcus’s birthday (April 10th), my sister Kara’s birthday (May 2nd) and my mom Connie and my birthdays (June 5). We’re celebrating because my sister is in town from Virigina and will doubtfully get back for everyone’s birthday!

It’s 4am Again

I guess I should stop falling asleep at 7:30. Me and my boys went to bed at 7:30 so now I’m wide awake. They were both moving around on the floor next to us so I decided to take them to their beds. It sounds like they’re both sleeping so that must have been a good decision. Turns out we’re not the type of family who enjoys a “family bed” of sorts, which is aokay with me.

So our first full day together went really well. We had 0 tantrums from Tariku and that included giving him a bath! Turns out if he sees his big brother doing it, he’ll try it as well. So that was refreshing. As you can see in the video, life at the Klipschs is awesome as this was the sound pretty much the whole day.

I have to keep trying to remind myself that we’re still early in our time together and the shizniz could hit the fan at any point but I’m counting my blessings this early morn. So here are some more pics of our trip back to the hegemonic super power (as my sister, Kait, so elequontly put it). Excuse Zach and my absolute exhaustion and our desire to take a picture of Ronald McDonald.